The Pink Lives On


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This is a community for those inspired by the former Pinkgasm.
In short, it was a project in love, sex and art by two individuals on a journey who brought people together along the way.
I won't mention the names of the individuals, but if you're here for all the right reasons, I won't have to.

When the two went their separate ways, one of them decided to carry on the project.
People were drawn to her livlihood, her beauty, spirit and grace.
She was an amazing inspiration.

She decided not to carry on Pinkgasm any longer, just a little while ago.
As I can imagine, those inspired were greatly saddened, including me.
I say imagine because those people were brought together through pinkgasm, and lost the connections that drew them to eachother from coast to coast.

This community is here to celebrate the legacy that the two left behind.
Sure, the website is gone, but the ideals and inspiration they left behind still live on.
We're here to discuss what we would discuss if pinkgasm was still here.
We're here to discuss how it touched our lives

This is by no means a replacement, I have no right to replace something that was not my own.
After the website was taken down, and her livejournal was deleted, I was upset.
Pinkgasm was a wonderful inspiration to me.
I learned more about my sexuality, became more comfortable with myself and met people who had stumbled onto the same wonderful little world on the internet.

I was so upset that I would never get to exchange ideas with these people again in the same upbeat forum for expression that Pinkgasm had created for us.

So this is for anyone who feels the same way that I do.